Android Overload: Flipboard for Android Spotted On GS3, Google Lost Money With Android In 2010 and More

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Well, folks. It looks like Samsung Galaxy S3 is finally over and it was a fun ride. There was still a little tidbits of news leftover from throughout the day and if you’re interested, you came to the right place. This here is the Android Overload. Enjoy.

  • Motorola CLIQ 2 finally receives official Gingerbread update for T-Mobile. [Motorola]
  • Samsung will sell the Galaxy S III in Mobile Pin pop-up glass shops across London (hopefully stateside as well). [Engadget]
  • Zagg now offers warranties for unlocked smartphones. 2-year coverage for $100 ($60 deductible). [ZAGG]
  • Android 4.0 source code now available for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10-inch and 7-inch versions. [AndroidPolice]
  • Flipboard for Android spotted on the Galaxy S III. [Mashable]
  • Qualcomm offering up $50,000 if you can game on a tablet for 26 hours. [Qualcomm]
  • Judge says Google lost money from Android in 2010. [ChicagoTribune/Reuters]
  • More malicious apps found in the Google Play Store. Turns phones into zombies. [ArsTechnica]
  • Mastercard now supports HTC One X and 16 other phones. [Engadget]

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