Google Music Seems to Have a Streaming Limit

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A lot of you won’t like this story. It appears that Google Music has a streaming music limit which will keep you from streaming songs to your devices after hitting some sort of cap. A user was met with a message alerting him of the unfortunate circumstances and was simply told to try again later.

It’s a most odd situation considering Google hasn’t made any mention, or at least any clear mention, of a streaming cap. We’re not sure if the cap is for time or data, but Google doesn’t make it clear. They also don’t inform the user of when their service will be restored.

Things like this is why a completely cloud-enabled future is tough to swallow. To know that I could be blocked from content I own, some of which I buy from Google, is unsettling. And I’m not so sure that I’m as mad about there being a potential cap as I am about the fact that there is seemingly nothing you can do about eradicating it.

If Google needs to impose a cap, fine. I have absolutely no qualms with that. But allow me to pay my way out of it so I can enjoy my music whenever and however I want. Of course, you could always download your music (PC) and make it available for offline streaming (Android) but that pretty much obliterates the point of offering cloud services.

This could simply be a mistake, too. We’re not sure if some glitch in the system caused this (perhaps Google is testing a forthcoming pay service) but it’s another possibility we have to consider. Either way, I can imagine it’s pretty frustrating. The issue doesn’t seem widespread so it’ll be interesting to see what Google says. [via Droid-Life]

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