Pre-order the Motorola Atrix from AT&T

AT&T is now taking pre-orders on the Motorola Atrix and is expected to deliver the handset to customers by March 6th. Those willing to sign up for a new two year contract will be able to reserve on of the handsets for $199.99. But if you’re more of a free spirit or a want to pick up the handset in the middle of your contract, the full retail price for the Atrix is set at $499.99.

While the phone itself isn’t terribly expensive, if you were planning on using the Motorola Atrix to its full potential, you’ll need to save up quite a bit of extra cash. The Motorola Atrix Laptop Dock will set you back $299 after a $100 mail-in-rebate while the full Webtop Access Kit (including dock, keyboard, mouser and remote) will cost you $189. The Motorola Atrix is by far the most feature-rich device scheduled to launch this spring; I’m just not convinced that most people will have the money to unlock the true power inside Motorola’s first Tegra 2 powered handset.

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